Day: February 20, 2019

basil and lemon oil

Making Sure of the Integrity of Your Essential Oil

The rise in the number of companies manufacturing essential oils is a testament that more and more people are using essential oils. The growing popularity of essential oil proves the emerging consciousness of people about their well-being. While others use it to complement medical approaches, others have maintained its use as the one and only solution to their health problems.

Home use of essential oils has been made more practical with the use of some devices like ultrasonic diffusers, nebulizers, and air purifiers. Others apply it as topicals or as massage agents. While many users of essential oils put their whole trust on the potency of these oils, it may have never crossed their minds how pure is the oil he has in his home.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Purity comes with quality. And from quality, comes efficacy. Essential oils can only be 100% percent effective when it is 100% pure.

herbal oilsWith the growing number of essential oil manufacturers with different brands and types available, it is difficult to discern who produce the purest quality essential oil. Determine the company with the most advanced technology and which do not allow additives to interfere with the integrity of the oil. A reputable company may be determined with its long years in the industry and its proficiency in research and analytical studies.

A manufacturing company doing its own research and analytical studies on plants is a sure boost of confidence on herbs and plants with minimum research done on them. And because essential oil cannot be considered a food or a drug, these plant oil concentrates do not undergo the stringiest inspection from formal bodies. We only have to trust the integrity of reputable manufacturers.

Source of Raw Materials

The place where the raw materials come is an absolute criterion when we choose is essential. Are they commercially produced in countries that deliberately use pesticides and commercial fertilizers to grow them? Or do they come from their natural habitats in thick tropical forests or from the bottom of our deep oceans? While big companies producing essential oil have their own plantations of herbs using organic methods to grow them, the source of these herbs for some companies is usually imported.

The source of the raw materials of essential oils and how they are grown is indeed critical. For a conceived health product, its safety and lack of harmful chemicals should always be ensured.

Aromatherapy or Topical?

massage with essential oilKnowing the health benefits of the various essentials oils should not end there but should only be the start. Know the more effective method of how you can derive the full health benefits of each essential oil whether it is more potent when used in aromatherapy or as topical. The most important thing is to know your present medical condition by seeking a medical opinion. Essential oils should not be considered as wonder drugs that can cure all illnesses. It is still best to consult experts to know their real health benefits and establish their integrity before using it through aromatherapy or in your massage sessions.

While some essential oils have undergone tests to prove their health benefits through aromatherapy and applying them as topicals and massaging agents, using them should require safety measures. Though natural, they can also have harmful side effects.…

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