How to Overcome Workout Plateau

When doing your workouts, there comes a time when your body catches up to your workout routine. You should know that it is time to mix up things. It is essential to have a spotter for each technique you try because of muscle failure being involved in every tip. Here are some of the simple ways of climbing past your workout plateau.

Rotate your Routine

workout weightsYou can keep the same weight but do your workouts in a different order. For instance, you can have three crest workouts in your workout routine: decline, incline, and flat press in that order. Keeping the same weight, you can do the flat first, followed by the incline and then finish up with decline press. This will make the flat easier to do as it is first and the decline press tougher since it is last. Keep with this routine until the decline press is as easy as it was when it was early.

Forced Reps

Have someone spot you while you do a set that is heavier than what you usually do. This is effective, but you need to take caution not to overuse it. Use a weight where your spotter has to help you with the last few reps.


The partials techniques involve finishing your set, even if you cannot do an entire rep. Your body can reach a sticking point during a set. You feel fatigue or burning. Your muscles will not move. Rather than stopping the set, continue doing only what the body will allow. If it means doing just a bunch of half reps, then do so.

Drop Sets

lady working out with spotter

This is also an excellent way of shocking your body into more growth. Do your sets as usual, only when you finish one, drop the weight for a while and do another set quickly. Keep going until you cannot execute a set, even with the tiniest amount of weight.


Pyramiding is the opposite of drop sets. This is very tiresome but extremely effective. Start out light and around 15 reps. With every set raise the weight and lower the reps. Do each set until failure. Probably this will finish you off for the day, so it takes much energy to perform.

It is important that you overcome your workout plateau for your workouts to be effective. These tips will help you to avoid and overcome your workout plateau. When you have overcome your workout plateau, it is important to rest.…

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